Attractions Cologne

To supplement or change the sample itinerary for a school trip to Cologne,
take a look at the list of ideas that we have for you.

Altstadt Cologne
As the name suggests, Altstadt is the oldest district of Cologne. The medieval are is famous for its narrow streets, colourful houses and the numerous churches. You’ll also find Cologne Cathedral here too. Combine a cathedral tower climb with a leisurely stroll through the area filled with shops and restaurants. An hour’s free time is over before you know it.

Beethoven-Haus, Bonn
Would you like your pupils to delve into the life of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven? Then pay a visit to his birthplace in the city of Bonn. Here you will find the largest collection about his life and work. We like to plan a full-day visit to Bonn, by combining a visit to the Beethoven Haus with other sights in the city. Your travel specialist will put together a full programme for you.

Cologne Sünner Keller Brewery
‘Kölsch’ is not only spoken as a dialect here but also drunk! How that happened, you’ll discover in the Sünner Keller. Brewery. This is the oldest working brewery in the city. At the brewery, you’ll also find a good restaurant, so it can be rather practical to combine a visit with a dinner reservation. Interested? Just let us know!

 Film Museum
Did you know that the German film industry has its roots largely in Düsseldorf? This film museum in the old city of Düsseldorf will take you back to the first days of German film. The exhibition will show you how the industry has developed over the years. Would you like to make a ‘day long visit to Düsseldorf'? Your travel specialist will happily advise you about the other attractions available in in Düsseldorf.

Haus der Geschichte Bonn
This museum will tell you all about the history of Germany after the Second World War in an interesting way. You’ll see lots of photos and documents, original furniture from the German Parliament and an authentic cinema dating back to the 1950s. Parts of the Berlin Wall are also exhibited here. The photos of the bombed German cities and their reconstruction are particularly moving to see.

Kletterwald Bonn
Would you like to add some action and adrenaline to a cultural school trip to Cologne? Why not pay a visit then to the ‘climbing forest’ in Bonn. Here, you’ll find four courses with varying difficulty. For a relaxed end of the day, we recommend a dip in the swimming pool conveniently located nearby. Interested? Your travel specialist will be happy to add this to your itinerary.

Cologne Cathedral

Want to see the largest cathedral in Germany? You can hardly miss the Gothic Cathedral on a visit to Cologne. For a stunning view of the city, climb the 500 steps of the North and South Towers. A visit to the cathedral is easy to do on your own. Would you prefer a tour with a guide of the treasury? Your travel specialist will take care of this for you. After a visit to the cathedral, be sure to visit the surrounding area, the medieval district Altstadt. 

Cologne Zoo

Cologne’s zoo is one of the most modern zoos in Germany. The complex has been around since 1860 and has just celebrated its 150th birthday. One of the nicest parts is the Hippo Dom, an underwater replica of an African river. The largest elephant park and the most extensive aquarium cannot be missed out on.

Ludwig Museum Cologne

If you love modern art, then you can indulge yourself in the Ludwig Museum. You’ll see here works from Dali, Picasso, Chagall and Matisse amongst others. Perhaps the best of all is the collection of pop art. You just can’t stop yourself staring at the strange creations of Warhol, Christ and Newman.

NS-Dokumentationszentrum Cologne

During a visit to this document centre, you’ll learn a lot about National Socialism. The exhibition summarises everything about politics, society and social life in Cologne during the Nazi period: from the seizure of power and propaganda to the war, daily life and the resistance. You’ll find the Cologne EL-DE-Haus in the city centre. Here, the Cologne division of the Gestapo was established during the Second World War.

Cologne Perfume Museum
Curious about where the name 'Eau de Cologne 4711' comes from? You’ll find the answer to this in the house of the inventor, the Farina- Haus on the Glockengasse 4711. Nowadays, you’ll find a perfumery and museum here.

Rheinseilbahn Cologne

The 'Rheinseilbahn' is certainly worth a mention. It is in fact the only cable car over a river in Germany. The ride is fun to do and you’ll get a great view over Cologne too. This is also nice to do in the evening!

Rhine boat trip

In Cologne, you’ll find many riverboats, which will travel up and down the river giving you panoramic views of the city. During the tour, you can get some fresh air and see the highlights from a different angle. It is most certainly a great addition to a school trip to Cologne and the surrounding area. 

Shipping Museum Düsseldorf

This museum in Düsseldorf is completely dedicated to shipping. Especially about shipping on the Rhine is covered in detail. The historic ship models are also interesting to see

Cologne Chocolate Museum
The chocolate museum is by far the tastiest Museum in Cologne. You will walk through 3000 years of the history of chocolate. So you can learn about the origin and production process. After the explanation, there is time to do some testing. A nice detail is that this museum was the first chocolate museum in the world when it opened in 1993.